Srilaxmi Sanitary Stores

Gachilbowli X Roads, HYD040-23000700

Nagole Ring Road, HYD040-24221532


Sri Laxmi Sanitary Stores is managed by professional and technical back ground persons in management and engineering to drive the organization towards quality service. Mr.Ramesh Reddy, Managing Partner has got wide experience in sanitary industry with top brands in India. Mr.Reddy is assisted by well coordinated team to manage show room through quality service and customer attention. Sri Laxmi Sanitary was started in 2001 with vision to serve the up- coming projects and individual houses in and around Hyderabad apart from district market with dealer network.

The stores deals top brands like Hindware Sanitary, Jaguar Faucets, Somany wall and Floor Tiles, Asian Tiles ,Futura Kitchen Sinks, Faber Chimneys, Schablona designer Tiles apart from Multinational brands like Philips lighting, Grohe Faucets and Duravit Sanitary wares to meet the changing customer preferences and add value to money in terms of elegance and beauty.

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